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What You Can Count on During Implementation with Monetary

By October 24, 2017 No Comments

What you can count on with implementation with Monetary is that we will start from the beginning with a developer partner. We’re going to talk to them about how they’re going to work with their merchants and what they need for their merchants, and then we’re going to take that all the way through to when we actually board their merchants. We want to know when they’re implementing and integrating with Monetary what they need to begin with. What you can count on from a developer perspective is that we will be involved from the very beginning of when you are integrating with Monetary.  We will want to know exactly how the integration process works, how you’re integrating with Monetary, and what your merchants will require of us in order for us to do a good job getting them boarded when the time comes.

Our commitment to our partners and to their merchants is that we will offer consistency. We want to make sure we understand how they are working and what they need, in order for us to provide that consistency.

We start from the beginning with our developer partners, listening and learning exactly what their merchants’ goals are. Watch to learn more.