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Unique Tokenization for Restaurants and Retail

By November 21, 2017 No Comments

So for restaurants, we have a unique tokenization platform that allows the ability of tokens to flow from online meal ordering into the restaurant location. What this means is if a consumer orders online and wants to come in and add in a tip or add in additional items, that’s one charge to the merchant’s transaction. Not two separate transactions.

So, for retail, Monetary’s platform allows tokens to flow through from the eCommerce location into their retail location to enable a card free solution, potentially. Also, we have our inventory syncing product, which takes all of the inventory out of the point of sale system and posts it online or to Amazon, eBay and a variety of other websites. This enables the merchant to be really efficient with their inventory. No merchant wants to deal with inventory so they manage it in one location and it’s spread out across all of their different websites or even a mobile device.

Monetary’s unique tokenization platform allows the ability of tokens to flow from online meal ordering or eCommerce locations into the retail or restaurant location, limiting separate transactions and potentially creating a card free solution. Watch to learn more.