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Transparency for Monetary’s Dealers and Developers

By October 12, 2017 No Comments

he word transparency is thrown around a lot in our industry, specifically in the integration, reseller partner, process or relationships, and the definition of transparency is trust. Can our developers and our dealer partners trust in what we provide them? All the way down to the simplest of things beyond residuals on credit card processing, but potentially seeing activity amongst consumers within their merchants. Those types of things deliver trust, and trust then brings fantastic partnerships.

The commitment from Monetary to our dealers and developers is we have nothing else. They are our sole distribution of our products and services. Myself or my teams, we have no direct interaction with the merchants or consumers directly, so we try to arm our developer partners and our reseller partners to be more successful with those merchants, with those consumers. Therefore, we have nothing left but commitment to that channel.

Monetary’s commitment to transparency is nothing but trust. Watch to learn more.