Time to Crush It!

The competition among businesses of all sizes has become more challenging as customers have more and more options to choose from and a better understanding of exactly what they want.

Your small and medium businesses need to find ways to set themselves apart from the competition or merchant and POS both will end up losing out.

To stay relevant in this aggressive market, merchants must listen to what their customers want and stay top of mind in the channels within which their customers are interacting. This does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Modern technology and artificial intelligence are rapidly improving the lives of small business owners in some very important ways.

As the POS, you can offer your merchants the following tools to help them get ahead:

1. Clear and transparent ROI for your merchants on marketing campaigns. –

Small business owners do not have time to plan out marketing campaigns, nor do they want to spend an annual salary on a marketing employee. As the Point of Sale, you have the ability to give your merchants a tool that lets them engage with customers in a simple and compelling way with just one initial setup.

  • Automated emails engage customers based on certain milestones tracked through the POS.
  • Intelligent reporting tracks open rates and coupon redemptions for data that matters.

2. A truly automated customer loyalty program that drives more dollars through the door. –

Let your merchants stand out from their competitors by offering auto rewards and loyalty through their Gift program. Customers can accumulate incremental cash back every time they re-load a gift card, incentivizing them to keep returning again and again. The merchant never has to lift a finger. It’s all tracked in the point of sale.

3. A centralized hub where merchants can see what their customers are saying about them and from which positive reviews can be posted on the web in real-time. –

With these simple and automated tools, your merchants can truly feel what it’s like to thrive again, and to enjoy the parts of running a business that brought them into it to begin with.

One integration for your POS to Octopi Commerce, a world of new solutions to your merchants!

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