The Connected Customer Data Platform

For Personalized and Seamless Experiences


Our mission is to add tremendous value to our POS partner offerings by extending the functionality of the POS and generating incremental revenue for both our partners and their customers.

So what exactly are we up to?

Let’s talk features

At the core, our Customer Data Platform translates into better customer relationship management, higher customer success rates and deeper customer insights. Actionable data insights from our AI and the POS translates into optimized marketing offers and campaign automation via CAMPAIGNS and last-minute scheduling solutions and reservations via our AUTOFILL feature.

Our REPUTATION feature allows for ratings of goods and services. It gives merchants the option to post great reviews as well as the ability to communicate with customers proactively about not-so-great reviews before they get posted.


Highly personalized suggested marketing campaigns.

  • Real-time measurement of customer engagement and ROI.
  • Dynamic customer database segmentation leading to the right offer, to the right person, at the right time, in the right place.


Dynamic rules-based pricing/offers.

  • Scheduling and re-scheduling of hard to fill appointments.
  • Online booking interface for increased customer retention (optional)



Track ratings and post positive customer sentiment as testimonials to merchant websites.

  • Proactively manage negative reviews.
  • Collect data and valuable social insights related to actual customer records.
  • Intelligently boost in-store selling efforts based on customer feedback.


The solution we are building is powered by our HyperAttraction Engine, an advanced machine learning algorithm. It is based on a mathematical attribution modeling process tying online and offline channel behavior for a highly personalized customer experience.


Developers & Resellers

  • Provide your merchants with a one-stop solution to all of their digital marketing needs 
  • Take advantage of our Simple API Integration 
  • White label, co-brand, or utilize our brand for partnerships
  • Increase your POS robustness by leveraging Reach CDP for one seamless experience


  • Surprise and delight your current customers for higher retention rates
  • Attract new customers with one full solution
  • Increase revenue and profitability on marketing spend with the touch of a button
  • See immediate ROI & results reporting for actionable campaign insights
  • Call just one number for all of your support needs
“I’m ready to help!”

Meet Our Future Chat Bot

Our Octopi Chat Bot assists you in automating segmentation and marketing configuration. Together, we will communicate with consumers and provide customer service and automation as well as automated enrollment into campaigns.

The Bot is powered by our Advanced Machine Learning Algorithm. It will tie online and offline channel behavior together. Combined with our Intuitive Natural Language Processing features, the Bot comes to life for real conversation, actions and training by the Customer through our REACH omni-channel CDP features: CAMPAIGNS, AUTOFILL, and REPUTATION 

What's Next?... Talk to Us!

Come work with us to optimize customer experiences and teach your customers how to fish. Available for white label, co-branding, or branded partnerships.