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2020.05.26 Release

Message from the Octopi President

At Octopi, we’ve been using this time of unprecedented uncertainty to raise the bar in our development of REACH™. We take software as a service (Saas) for Salon and Spa owners very seriously and know our best possible product is needed more now than ever before. As we continue to overcome the shared challenge of COVID-19, Octopi is determined to add value right away and prepare your business for the better days ahead.

Today we are excited to share several new product enhancements and improvements resulting from rigorous ongoing testing and feedback from POS users like you. You will find several new features that make everyday work easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable. We do this by significantly optimizing client online experiences, managing revenues, and bringing in more repeat bookings.

Our team is by your side and our guarantee has your back. Let’s get through this together.

Andrew Bourne

~ President & CTO

Improvements to the REACH™ platform include:

Improvements to the REACH™ platform include:

Online Booking Module v2.0

Notable upgrades for enhanced client experience:

Online Booking Module v2.0

Notable upgrades for enhanced client experience:

Touch-free Checkout – Clients using GooglePay and ApplePay can provide quick, secure, and safe “no-contact checkout transactions” with a single click.

Enhanced Source Tracking – REACH™ tracks, stores, and reports the origin for all bookings on the results dashboard providing insights into the most productive channels.

Social Media Sign Up/In – Users can enjoy a streamlined user experience by signing up or signing in with minimal clicks using their Google or Facebook accounts.

Provider Personalization – Providers can now include individual avatars in their personalized client messaging including their regular client re-booking experience.

Offer Personalization – “My Account” landing page now displays any pending special offers that relate to the parameters met by every individual client who is logged-in.

Reviews from REACH™ – Clients can leave a review on their favorite social media sites by clicking “Leave a Review” directly from their “My Account” page.

Cancel Notifications – Merchants now receive an email notification if a REACH-made booking is canceled. This email contains the appointment details and the refund amount.

*Screen images simulated. Content is subject to change at anytime.
Actual display may vary depending on device.

Client-Set Preferences – Clients can manage email preferences at the bottom of emails for two sets of Client Connect communications: Last-Minute Appointments & Offers.

Better Looking and Easier to Use: Many enhancements to the UI/UX from the UI sizing and elements to improve look & feel as well as responsive design.

  • Welcome – Sends an email to EXCLUSIVELY to new clients added after the start of the campaign.
  • Happy Birthday – Sends a birthday wish to email to clients seven (7) days before their birthday.
  • Big Spender a.k.a. VIPs – Sends email to clients when receipt totals reach an amount greater than the campaign threshold.
  • Frequent a.k.a. Regulars – Sends email to clients when the number of visits (posted receipts) exceeds the threshold of the campaign based on the selection for the month, quarter, or year.
  • Infrequent a.k.a. Lost Clients – Sends email to clients when the time since their last visit (posted receipt) exceeds the threshold of the campaign.

*Screen images simulated. Content is subject to change at anytime. Actual email display may vary depending on device.

REACH™ Platform - Owner View:

User Screen Improvements

  • Designs for Autofill, Sign In, Sign Up, Reset Password, Forgot Password, and Account Activation have all significantly improved.
  • Advanced Settings now expand to offer rule card options

New Product Customization Options

  • Activate modular product areas either one at a time, multi-select, or all.
  • Merchants can now choose which products they want to activate with their account: Autofill, Client Connect, and/or Reputation Radar.

Detailed Results Dashboard

Detailed LMAi communication metrics:

  • Outbound Efforts
    • Emails Sent/Open Rate
    • Click Through to Booking
  • Inbound Engagement
    • New Sign Ups
    • Total Clients Booked
  • Results
    • Booked by Channel
    • Total Revenue Earned

Booking Patterns Identified

  • A four-hour booking preference window has been identified for each client based on individual patterns. LMAi reminder/offer emails can be distributed 1x-3x a day.

Issues Resolved:

  • Reputation Radar issue fixed. It was not displaying reviews because social sites were pausing their publication of reviews due to Shelter in Place (SIP) mandates.
  • More customer properties have been added to the customer record in the database.
  • Fixed an issue in “My Income” tab that was incorrectly reporting funds “In Transit” when they had already been delivered to the merchant bank account.
  • Issue Resolved of Cancellations/Refunds not being processed.

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