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Monetary’s Platform | Easy Integration

By October 5, 2017 No Comments

Monetary’s platform has some of the features that you would come to expect. We are a payment provider, we’ve got a gateway solution to work with other payment providers, we have a gift and loyalty platform, along with our marketing and sync products. Some of these things are table stakes, but what makes us different is that we combine them in a very, very easy way. Not only for the merchant, but the point of sale integrator as well.

Oftentimes, loyalty programs or marketing solutions are very difficult for a point of sale developer to integrate to. There’s a lot of complexity into getting that data back and forth. We take all of that away. Our platform is extremely easy to integrate with. What that means for the merchant, is that all of this data coming back from the point of sale system very seamlessly, makes it very easy for the merchant to manage. In fact, a lot of times there’s nothing for the merchant to manage whatsoever. You can set it and forget about it. Tell us what kind of offers, tell us what kind of gift and loyalty program you want at the beginning, takes just five minutes, and we run it from there. As the merchant gets more comfortable, they can continue to customize all of these offerings, but they don’t have to, it’s always set and forget if the merchant wants to be hands-on.

For our point of sale developers, we make the platform extremely easy to integrate to. Being a one-stop shop for all of these services makes the integration very simple, just with one integration. We also have a variety of APIs that we fit and customize to the point of sale developer. Depending on what their technology stack looks like. Along with that, we enable the point of sale developer to help differentiate their system with potentially features and products that they may not have available in their point of sale system.

The best part about the platform is our developer integrations team. We help integrate with the point of sale developer to our platform, as hands-on or as hands-off as the point of sale developer wants. Typically, they’ll have questions about the integration, “What does that look like? How do I integrate it? What should it look like? What are some of the best practices on how we deliver these services to these merchants?” And we’ve got a full team available 24-hours a day to help the developer integrate to the platform.

Monetary’s connected commerce platform is a payment provider, a gateway solution, a gift and loyalty platform, along with our marketing and sync product. What makes us different, is we combine them in an easy way for the merchant and point of sale integrator. Watch to learn more.