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Access your daily dashboard, real-time transactions, batch information, deposit records and monthly statements through Octopi’s Merchant portal. 

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We’re taking the value added products you expect and making them better – check out MONETARY PAYMENTSOFFER MANAGEMENT, SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT, and GIFT & LOYALTY.

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Our team is technologically savvy AND cares about making your day better by providing the support you need and deserve 24/7/365. 

Turn your Point of Sale system into a growth opportunity

Big box retailers and large national chains have the competitive advantage of knowing when, where and how their customers purchase products and services. They take that data and turn it into additional sales. Becoming an Octopi Commerce Merchant Member starts leveling the playing field. By aggregating your data with our other Merchant Members, you get the intelligence you need to improve your customer experience and trigger additional sales.

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We believe small businesses can grow quickly so we are in the business of creating the technology, tools and products to enable that.

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