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Marketing Strategies for The Holiday Season

By November 23, 2017 No Comments

Marketing Strategies for The Holiday Season

During the busy, and competitive, holiday retail season, it is particularly important for merchants to fine-tune their marketing strategy to attract holiday shoppers. As the effectiveness of print media, television ads and batch-and-blast email marketing campaigns tumbles, more personalized, one-on-one communication with consumers is skyrocketing.

This more tailored marketing approach can be achieved by knowing customers’ buying habits, both online and in brick and mortar stores, in order to tailor messaging and offers appropriately by channel. It is complicated by the fact that 213 million Americans access the Internet with an average of 4 different devices, making it more important than ever for businesses to provide a seamless user experience across them all. Here are some things to consider when marketing to them during the holiday season.

Personalized Messaging

Personalizing communication can increase customer loyalty and more deeply engage the consumer. For instance, emails personalized with the shopper’s name in the subject line and body, as well as providing rewards based on a customer’s last purchase or thank-you messages for visiting a brick and mortar store are ways to help create a sense of trust and comfort with the company. Fortunately, the holiday rush provides plenty of these types of opportunities to create customized communication both at the store and online.

Omni-Channel Communication Works

Marketing using multiple channels is well worth the effort. In fact, consumers who shop across channels have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who do not. A study of 46,000 shoppers showed that omni-channel customers spent an average of 4% more on every shopping occasion in the store and 10% more online than single-channel customers. Not only that, with every additional channel they used, the shoppers spent more money in the store. For instance, customers who used 4+ channels spent 9% more in the store when compared to those who used just one channel.

Juggling between several devices is becoming the norm. According to Google research, 90% of multiple device owners switch between an average of three devices per day to complete a task. Merchants that can help their customers complete those tasks when and where they want are positioned to gain a piece of the $1.8 trillion that cross-channel sales are predicted to reach this year.

Break Through the Marketing Clutter

This time of year, consumers are already bombarded with hundreds of ads and emails from merchants announcing winter sales and special holiday events. Marketing fatigue is a real issue when trying to get a message across to them. Now, more than ever, it is critical to create personalized, multi-channel offers that matter to each unique customer. At Monetary our ENGAGE platform can help do just that, and put you several steps ahead of the competition this holiday season and all year round.

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