Marketing is the lifeblood of any small business.

Yes, selling a great product and offering outstanding service are both crucial to maintaining valuable customer relationships, but reaching new audiences is what allows a business to keep growing.
There has never been a single marketing solution that could magically bring in the masses. At its core, marketing requires diversity in order to succeed. It depends on customers being exposed to a message multiple times via multiple touch-points. Once upon a time this meant signage in a window, an ad in the newspaper, a flyer passed out, a billboard on the way home and an ad on the radio. The channels have changed with evolving technology, but the concept has not. It is still vital that merchants reach their customers in multiple ways for a message to be truly effective.

Consider how today's consumers are interacting with merchant messaging and how leveraging multiple channels can lead to more successful outreach.

1. Seamless movement between channels

Customers do not stay on one channel for very long. They are constantly switching between instagram, text, facebook, email, news sites, twitter, shopping sites and more, and that’s just on their mobile devices. Merchants have to know how to disperse their message across as many channels as possible for the message to be seen and truly internalized. This means, in the interest of finding a marketing management and automation tool that allows this kind of flexibility.

2. Personalized messaging

With more and more merchants moving their messaging to online channels, consumers are being more and more choosy in regards to the content with which they interact. This means that it is more important than ever that merchant content be relevant to the customers to whom it is directed. Buyers will not tolerate irrelevant content and the proof is in the numbers. Segmented email campaigns show a 50% higher CTR than untargeted or generic campaigns. There are a number of sophisticated customer segmentation tools and customer data platforms out there that integrate directly to the POS and draw on the relevant data stored there. Your Merchants should absolutely be taking advantage of the ability to reach their customers in relevant ways.

3. The impact of mobile

To return to the topic of mobile, half of messages are deleted if they do not display correctly on a smartphone screen. Additionally, Adobe found that 81% of consumers check their email on their smartphones. This means that any marketing tool a merchant is using should be able to disperse content formatted for both desktop and mobile consumption. Marketing is not cheap and it is a huge and avoidable waste for half of a merchant’s messaging to be deleted before it’s even been viewed.

4. Inbound marketing

Finally, it is no longer enough for the merchant to send their message out. Considering the emphasis in today’s culture on knowledge and content, more and more consumers are actively seeking out information rather than waiting for it to be delivered to them. According a study performed by Ascend2, 72% of marketers worldwide revealed that relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic. Blogs not only provide interesting and entertaining content for customers to consume, but also act to enhance SEO ranking by perpetually generating fresh relevant information which search engines value greatly.
All of these elements work together to create a complete marketing profile. As customers move seamlessly from one channel to another, generally on their mobile devices, they seek out content that resonates with and interests them, and they remain loyal to those companies who consistently provide. Give your merchants a step up by by offering an integrated customer data platform that will help them reach their customers in they right way, at the right time with the right message.

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