3 Simple Social Media Hacks

Managing social media can feel like a full-time job on its own, but the importance of mastering the social media game and the benefits that come with it far outweigh the costs. With more than 3.48 billion people globally (45% of the total world population) now using social media, it is a frontier merchants cannot afford not to conquer.

But that doesn’t mean that social media needs to remain elusive or overly complicated.

These three easy social media hacks will help merchants master the art of social media without running themselves ragged in the process.

Create a Content Calendar

Proper planning prevents poor performance. For merchants to prevent poor performance when it comes to managing social media and to give them some sense of organization, the best method is for them to use a content calendar to plan out their social media posts.

This content calendar should include global and national events and holidays that play into their business narrative and can become extensions of their conversations.

Social media should be used to continue the merchant’s narrative.

Merchants can use their content calendar to plan out their story in a cohesive way.

What’s Trending?

Keeping track of what’s happening in the industry is a great way for merchants to easily come up with content ideas. Readers are leaders. Merchants can share industry related news, interviews, tips and tricks to demonstrate thought leadership in the salon and spa space.

Another way merchants can stay ahead of the game is by monitoring hashtags to see what’s in the social media spotlight. Merchants can do this simply by using the search fields in Instagram and Twitter and looking for words and phrases related to their industry.

Merchants can take some of the legwork out of these efforts by setting up Google alerts to monitor their salon, competitors, and industry related keywords.

Tip: Getting too broad with keywords will return a massive number of alerts.

Tools of the Trade

Not all aspects of marketing must be costly. There are quite a few free tools merchants can use to give their social media a little refresh. Merchants should check out these free tools for creating and scheduling social media posts:

  • Canva – easy to use, web-based platform to create graphics and marketing materials
  • Pixlr – stock images
  • Hootsuite (or other similar social media management tool) – semi-automate scheduling of posts

Tip: It’s important not to overuse stock imagery and graphics or rely too heavily on scheduling software. Images unique to your merchant’s salon are much more powerful, as are seemingly spontaneous, real-time posts like live videos on Facebook or Instagram.

Wrap Up

Running a business is hard enough without the added pressure of creating perfectly poised social media posts and growing a following. And while using social media marketing to their advantage to grow their business is just as important as their other day-to-day activities, by tracking industry trends, utilizing free tools, and planning social media in advance, merchants can stay ahead of the game.

Mastering social media can be complicated, but with a few simple tricks, merchants can position their salon’s social media to be top-notch without it consuming all of their time.

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