We Share the Same Clients...Yours.

When We Prioritize Happy Clients, Everyone Wins!

We Share the Same Clients…Yours.

When We Prioritize Happy Clients, Everyone Wins!

Octopi Believes Customer Satisfaction and Profitability
are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Octopi Believes Customer Satisfaction and Profitability
are Two Sides of the Same Coin

From where we stand, (merchant) success looks a lot like (customer) happiness.

Business success comes from quality services backed by positive customer experiences. Today, that customer experience extends beyond the doors of your establishment into the homes (and pockets) of customers. Earning loyalty, and increasing per customer spend takes not only more communication but increasingly meaningful and timely communication.

Octopi offers the most customer-centric, results-driven, AI-powered, omnichannel Customer Data Platform (CDP) on the market.  We are Software as a Service (SaaS)/AI technology leader offering enterprise-quality insights and automated, two-way connectivity. The proprietary learning algorithm that powers the Octopi REACHTM CDP, helps scale small and medium-sized storefront businesses by strengthening client relationships.

In partnership with POS developers and business owners, Octopi has pioneered a new way to deliver seamless, highly-personalized customer experiences that

empower business owners, satisfy clients, and increase profitability.

Our merchants’ clients are catered to from the moment they leave a storefront, to the moment they return.



with satellite offices located in Denver and Silicon Valley,
Octopi is built on decades of consolidated industry and channel expertise.

Our company’s roadmap includes increased strategic use of key customer data and a vast array of appointment-based verticals worldwide. Octopi takes the guesswork out of automated, omnichannel marketing. Responsive relationship marketing optimizes the customer experience as they navigate between their in-person and online interactions.

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Promote available spots: Our dynamic rules-based pricing/offers automatically fill cancellations and tough-to-fill slots.

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Message clients:
Get the right offer, to the right person, at the right time, via the right channel.

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Manage Reputation: Increase useful customer feedback, proactively manage negative reviews, and publicize third-party endorsements.

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