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24/7 Synced Data & Appointment Solutions

By November 7, 2017 No Comments

So one of my favorite products at Monetary is our Sync product. We have recently acquired two different companies to help Sync data from the point of sale system into or onto the web or mobile device. First is a company called WebOpenings which is focused on the salon, health, and beauty space. Anyone who has a schedule. Schedules typically kept at the point of sale system. We enable that schedule to be posted online so folks could book 24/7.

The other unique feature about WebOpenings is allowing very short-term bookings to be discounted. If you’ve got an open seat for tomorrow or you just have a cancellation for later this afternoon somebody can book that seat at a discounted rate to get more butts in seats.

Our second acquisition is a company called 24Seven Commerce which takes the inventory data out of the point of sale system, posts it online to the merchant’s eCommerce site or off to Ebay, Amazon, and a variety of other marketplaces. Can also post to a merchant’s mobile device if they have their own application or a mobile website as well.

Monetary recently acquired two companies to help sync data from the point of sale system onto the web or mobile device. Watch to learn more.